My Rating & Review Policy

If you’re looking for someone to read your book and give you an honest review, then you’re in the right place! I would love to review your book and you can submit your request per my e-mail which is linked directly to the form on my contacts page here. Using the subject text Review Request please include the title, genre, a cover, and a quick over view of the book in the email.

I prefer print copies to digital. However I do understand that print costs more money and I do accept Ebooks as well. It may take me a little longer to get through those but I always try my best to get done in a timely manner. If you need the book reviewed by a specific date please mention this in the e-mail and I will surely have it done by that date, bumping your book up the priority pole.

The genres I review are:

  • Children
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Manga
  • Middle Grade
  • New Adult (Fantasy)
  • YA

Review Policy

***If you have a book that does not fall into these categories please understand that I will not be accepting the request as I will have no interest in the genre and can not give an honest review.***
I rate books on a scale of one to five stars (in the shape of candies). I’m a firm believer in honesty even if sometimes it’s not quite what we want to hear. There is a fine line between constructive criticism and bad manners which I will not cross.
Reviews will begin with all the necessary details of the book such as title, author, publisher, genre and the amount of pages contained. There will be links to the respective sites and authors.. Following this will be the blurbs/Synopsis which are always used from Goodreads. Next is my initial thought upon finishing the book, a detailed description of what I loved and did not love. Last but not least is my rating and my honest opinion of a recommendation. (I put this at the end of the review because I feel that people are more likely to read the actual review to the last word.)

Rating System

A fantastic book that I loved to the core. I will recommend this to everyone.

This is a book I loved and found meaning in. There were lessons I learned and the plot was amazing. The characters are so likable/lovable that it’s easy to form a connection with them. When the book is over I’ll be left thinking about this for days, missing the characters as though they are long lost friend and wondering what’s next for them.

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A great book. I recommend to everyone who likes the same genre the book pertains to.

Four star books mean they’re amazing. I loved everything about it. The characters, the plot and even the cover. I laughed, I cried, I yelled….it was beautiful. These are the kind of books I can’t put down and I will be left wanting more. However there was just something missing that kept it from being well rounded.

A likable book that you might enjoy.

Three star books are ok books. Only ok. They aren’t great, they’re maybe good? There’s something missing in the plot, too many wholes but still redeemable. I get what the author is trying to do here. There may be some characters that I really like. Yes, I still recommend these books. I don’t recommend buying a brand new hardcover though. If you can, grab it from the Library or a friend or even a used book store.

Not a book I liked, I may not have even finished it.

This is a book I had a very had time getting through. The overall tone was droll and reading it was more of a tedious task than a fun way to spend my time. There was no connection felt with any of the characters or the plot at all. I’m sorry but I’m not sure I can recommend this.

DNF. Little to no redeeming qualities.

There was nothing I liked about this book. I found the book very boring and couldn’t stand to read another page. The story made no sense to me and I felt as though time was wasted. It’s more beneficial to read a review than to read the book. I do not recommend this.
I almost never give a one star rating so this will be rare to see on my site.

That’s how I rate all of the books that I read. Of course I do use half stars as well and I’m not going to detail my thoughts for that here. You’ll likely find the reasons for half stars in my reviews. If there are ever any questions about my rating system please feel free to ask me. I’ll be happy to elaborate on anything that might be confusing 🙂
Thank you so much for your consideration and for stopping by!