The Assassins Revenge

Title: The Assassins Revenge

Author: Shana Vernon

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: Kindle Edition

Find It: Amazon, Goodreads, Website

My name is Lenna Turgenov, and I’m an assassin.
I decided to stay at the Guild undercover, itching for revenge.
They killed Papa, and now they need to pay.
The Guild has a dirty secret, one I’m determined to bring to out into the light.
They’ve been hunting innocent vampire-human hybrids, a species the regular world has no clue even exists.
Can I avenge Papa and save the hybrids before the Benefactor catches on and kills us all?

My Thoughts:

This is the second book in the Hybrid Chronicles. Starting right where the first book left off, Lena was just two minutes too late in saving her father. Her entire drive in the first book! Now, having witnessed his death, she’s (obviously) out to get her revenge on those who had anything to do with Alexei’s capture and death. Not only that but she is also determined to help hybrids that are being slaughtered simply because they were born. Like in the first book she enlists the help of Max, her vampire confidant, and new vampire friend Luka. Along with her other friends, who have now become her family. Together they form a tight knit and very lethal group. Lena also still doesn’t want anyone in the Guild to know her true identity. Except those in her immediate circle. All of this on top of keeping up their studies to graduate and take on their own contracts without the approval of masters.

The author warned me that in this book Lena is a lot more blood thirsty, and boy is she! Lena’s magical abilities are put to use over and over again as she works on her secret agenda. Earning herself a reputation as a lethal rogue assassin. There is no lack of action in this book. Shana Vernon did a magnificent job of weaving just enough drama, background story, and plenty of fight scenes. Nothing in this book felt over powering in any way. Lena’s character goes through a lot of emotional turmoil, yet none of that seemed to drag her down. Heck it never even slowed her down. If anything it propelled her more into her endeavors. She allowed herself one single moment to really weep for the loss of her father.
Sadly his was not, and surely still won’t be, the last death in these books. After spending more time with the characters from the first book the relationships seemed to grow in strength. The connection to those familiar to me grew. I felt it when there was another character lost, and when revenge was exacted on those who really deserved it. This book had my emotions all over the place at times! I even swooned every time Lena got to spend time with a certain vampire (*Luka*). I just like him!

There are many new characters in this book. A couple of new vampires, who’s names escape me at the moment, who become great allies when Lena needs them. The one who stands out the most to me is Luka. He becomes a truly good friend to Lena. He becomes protective over her and we can see the beginnings of a deeper affection between the two.
Honestly I wasn’t incredibly attached to Cade to begin with. Sure his story is sad. In this book his character is way out of line. He just won’t budge! There is no compromise, there is no middle ground. He’s sticking to his guns and that’s it. Which is fine! All I’m going to say about that is way to go Lena!
Sofia and the others (Ekon, Ryder, even Hailee and Bri) remain fantastic as they are. Sofia is still snarky and has a mouth that all the soap in the world could never fix. I love it! Everyone has grown significantly stronger in their abilities and strengths too.

Let me just say that the betrayal in this book, wow! If I hadn’t been reading my Kindle I may have thrown the book down. On the one hand, what the heck!?! On the other hand, mmmm ya probably should have seen that one coming.
Perfectly balanced was the shocker Sahana Vernon left me reeling with at the end. Another new character has been introduced, but that’s not the kicker. The kicker is who he is! All the news he brings and one very particular bit of information regarding Lena’s family that was just, whoa. After that last betrayal though I am very slow to trust this new character. Regardless of his lineage. Oh! Also, Luka. What!? (That’s all I’m gonna say about him.)

The ending is quite abrupt. I found myself looking for more and more. Not realizing how deeply hooked into this book I had become! Though it’s not a surprise because the last book also ended on a very big cliff hanger. I am definitely eager to read the third book in this trilogy.

A huge thank you to Shana Vernon for giving me a copy of this book! I have enjoyed it, immensely!



I’m just going to say this. Vampires, magic, light whips, lots of action and Luka! Highly recommend reading these books! These are great paranormal fantasy books to get lost in and before you know it you’ll be at the end! Eager for more.

There was so much more that I wanted to touch on but it would have basically given away the story. I feel like i can’t stop rambling about Lena and what she’s dong.

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