Goodbye October, I’ll Miss You!

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!!!! To any and all who have been celebrating these past couple of days. It can be a very fun, festive and emotional celebration ❤ I’ve lost a lot of family, including my only brother. So celebrating means a great deal around these parts. Today is the last day of celebration. I hope you have enjoyed every moment!

Hey guys! As you can see I took a small break from blogging. Last month was actually pretty busy! Which means (very sadly) there was almost no reading being done. What I did manage to get through, I’ll of course share with you!

So! What, Miss Elizabeth, on Earth have you been up to?? Where have you been? Well since you asked (sheepish shrug)…….

  • Bookstagram – Ok first of all don’t get mad or feel betrayed in anyway but, I was Bookstagramming! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the community! There was also a movie night that took place and it was awesome! It’s a great feeling to connect with other people.
  • Sons Birthday! – November is his birthday month. In fact today is his birthday! My baby is officially two years old!!! October is my birthday month. However I spent most of my days planning for his little birthday party. Yes, we had a birthday party. (Please please don’t roll your eyes or lecture me on COVID. We all make our choices and we all stand on different sides when it comes to our beliefs. Of anything! Religion, politics, COVID etc. I would never judge you unless you murdered someone in cold blood, and very gruesomely. Without good reason. We good?) We invited only the family we knew would come and have actually already seen these past couple months. It was great! BBQ, Beer, great company! My son is very rich in both toys (only child right now) and more so in the love of his family.
  • Surprise Birthday – Having forgotten all about my birthday until about two days before, I was met with a few surprises! Firstly my husband got me a new book case! Woo! There are now five brand spanking new shelves just itching for new books to fill them. And oh, how I will fill them! My mom and sister took off half a day from work to surprise me at home on my actual birthday. My sister made me a beautiful donut cake!
  • Road Trip! – As if that wasn’t enough, the next day she kidnapped me! Along with my brother in law. We all took a drive out of town to guess where……..The Winchester Mansion! It was amazing to see such a grand house. Not to mention a little creepy, if only because it’s so big. There are so many doors and stair cases. It’s a trip to see some of those going nowhere at all. It was a great day! My sister and I had the greatest time rocking out to music. Music that I would never listen to on my own! All while my brother in law so graciously chauffeured us around. Voluntarily of course!
  • Pumpkins and Pictures – Did I mention we also went to a pumpkin patch/corn maze and took pictures for our Holiday cards? Now that of course only takes a day! However there’s the matter of planning around my husbands work schedule, going through ALL the photos and editing them, creating the cards, ordering the cards and sending out the cards! Phew!!! Now that was time consuming. But very very fun ❤

Now that may not seem like a lot but trust me it was! Ok, can we get on to books please!? Here are the four, yes four, books that I read.

Grumpy Cat Awful-ly Big Comics – This comic was much bigger than I thought it would be! Still I loved it!

Beautiful Redemption – Finally finished the series. There will be a review of the entire series soon.

A Court of Wings and Ruin – Let’s just say, I so get the hype about this series!

Dream Dark – I decided to read this one too. Most of it was a really big excerpt from the second (?) book but a bit of it was a side story about one of the characters.

None of these have reviews as of yet. This month should see more free time than last. So I plan of visiting my forgotten blog much more ❤
Really quickly I wanted to share one last thing with you guys. After waiting MONTHS, it’s finally here!!!!

Just realized you can see the tag from the flowers (face palm!)

I haven’t even shared this on Instagram yet! Nor have I made any edits to the picture but I wanted to show you my long awaited book! Mina Lima’s BEAUTIFUL edition of Harry Potter! Also it’s the first one I own that says Philosophers Stone, not Sorcerers. What do you think!? Oh also, it’s signed by the artists!!!! Someday I would like to go see their store in person. Someday. If I ever get out of the States.

That’s all I have for you this morning guys! I miss you all!!!! ❤ (true story) and hope you have a great great week!

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