What Are You Reading Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! ❤

Guess what! Last night my husband told me that due to the worlds current state (psychotic) our efforts to transfer and possibly move out of our little town have been put on hold indefinitely. Great.
So. I told him if that’s the case then we’re getting our Golden puppy this year. He said…….”ok.” Woo! Just wanted to share that with you guys because I am elated!!! Keep you guys updated as the process progresses.

What I’m Reading:

With Jenna Evans releasing a new book in November I thought it was time I caught up on her novels. No, this isn’t a series. Yes, I could just wait for the new book and pick it up without worring that I’ve missed something. However, it’s nice to have something to hold me down until the new book is published.
Where Love and Gelato took us to Italy, Love and Luck is bringing us to Ireland!

What I’m Watching:

As I was perusing BookOutlet some time ago I came across this book. Looked at it, read the synopsis, added to the cart then tossed it in the “save for later” pile.
Now it’s a Netflix show! I’ve only seen the first episode. So far it’s pretty good I must say! Each episode is just under an hour and there are ten episodes. Make sure to grab your snack and drinks before sitting down to watch! Also close those curtains, you’ll thank me.

What I’m Listening To:

Oh Libby, it really is a nice app. I’ve been using it for all of my audio books since I got it. If you haven’t looked into Libby but are looking for a good app to get your hands on some audio and e-books, I highly recommend it.
Apparently my Library has a lot of really good books to borrow. It’s hard to keep up!

The Percy Jackson series has been on my TBR since it came out. Then it grew that ginormous hype and it moved up on my TBR. Thanks to the Library I can listen to the first one to see if the series is something I want to invest in. Do I want to jump on this band wagon? Do I? Hmm……let’s find out.


A couple of days ago Taylor dropped her new album, Folklore. I started listening to it on Spotify yesterday while writing reviews. It’s……ok. It’s different. Different for Taylor Swift and different than what some of her fans are used to. I’m not entirely sure how to feel about it just yet. So far it’s not really my style of music. There’s bound to be a few songs that stick out though right?

I’m also in the middle of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince on audio as well. Picked up about a month ago but for some reason I just wasn’t as into it? Chalk it up to the ARC’s and tours. Now I’ve been listening to it non stop. Since my husband was the one who kept pressing the audiobooks on me he definitely doesn’t mind listening to it with me. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that we found each other??? That he appreciates my love for books, doesn’t care that I buy so darn many and even takes time to ask about the blog. I’ve never had that before! He’s amazing! ❤

Happy Wednesdays everyone ❤ I truly hope you’re enjoying your week. Happy reading ❤

What’s your book choice for the week? I’d be happy to hear about what your binging on Netflix recently! Let me know ❤

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