Monday Memo

Hi guys!

Life Update:

My sister in law got a new puppy!!!!! Yes, I am jealous! Not only because, hello its a puppy! Also because I’ve been asking my husband for a puppy for over a year now. When we first starting dating he told me about his ambition to have a small family (at least two kids), a nice home and a great career etc. etc. And dogs! He said we could have two dogs! A German and a Golden.
Last year I convinced him it was time to get a puppy. Well turns out, after telling us we could have dogs, the owner (we’re renters) of our house decided it can’t be more than 30 lbs. Which was never a thing before. Oh and no Germans, because apparently they don’t have good reputations anymore. (Allow me to show my two middle fingers to the world and it’s current temper tantrums.) Hello! Any bigger sized dog is going to be more than 30lbs. Even the females! This is a house! A two story house, not an apartment!!! What sense does it make to limit the weight to small dogs? That makes a difference…..mmmm why?? It comes down to the person training the dog, not the dog itself. FYI. Personally I don’t like small dogs. They’re cute ❤ don’t get me wrong. Everyone in my family has a small dog. I’ve always loved big dogs. Small dogs are just, so needy. They do not make me feel protected, they do not make me feel like my family is protected. Basically, they aren’t intimidating enough. Plus big dogs = big cuddly pillows.

I’m just gonna put this right here. Meet Bentley! ❤

So here we are with no puppy. Here my sister is, newly moved into an apartment and getting a new puppy. To be fair he’s a mini dachshund. Soooo there’s that. We get to meet him on Thursday! She actually took into consideration getting a breed small enough that my son could play with him without having a hard time. Who does that!? ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m telling you guys, this family that I lucked into is beautiful inside and out. No really she’s gorgeous and the sweetest person ever.

One last thing. What do you think? Better right? It’s ok be honest, the last one was……not great. I’m happy with this one. Even if my son did move his hand around hah!

Book News!

Ok! So I did and did not start on that Bookstagram idea. A few pictures have been taken, they came out pretty good. I bought some fairy lights for just such an occasion. Two sets, no wait three (because I couldn’t wait for Amazon), one set of warm lights and because they were just so darn cute I got one set of RGB. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for those books I ordered because they are going to look SO good with those RGB’s. Here’s what I was thinking, stock up on nice photos (because it won’t be easy to do this everyday) to get ahead, then make the profile. What do you think?

Still waiting, for the mail, for the book mail, for the book mail that is seemingly never coming………*sigh*.
I’m doing a Children’s book review soon maybe two, finished a YA that seemed more like Middle Grade and now just trying to get into something else.

I can feel it guys. I feel this slump. What do you guys do when you’re in a reading slump? Just this morning I read a post over at Bookdragonism about reading slumps. Looking at her list if I had to choose I would say this was caused……by an ancient curse. Yep. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Now I either need to find that Oracle (small towns have those right?) or maybe play the Sims and take my Sim on a quest to lift it. That’s like the same thing right? Or, or………raid the fridge. In her post she describes food as making everything better and I don’t think I should question her.

This Weeks Ambition:

  • Book Memes
  • Book Review (2)
  • Kick This Reading Slumps Ass
  • Meet Bentley
  • Do Research and Take Steps To Get Our Golden
  • Keep Working On That Bookstagram

How do you get out of a reading slump? What’s your type of dog? (big /small). Let me know ❤

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