Masters and Beginners Volume One (The Order Of The Twelve Tribes) Book Review

20170510_231952.jpgAuthor: Daley Downing

Publisher: Daley Downing

Genre: YA Fiction, Fantasy

Pages: 194

“When Sophie Driscoll’s grandmother dies, her parents take over running the Annex, a warehouse facility that stores magical artifacts and documents proving, and protecting, the existence of faeries. Sophie and her brothers, Flynn and Cal, happily adjust to a new house, new friends, and a new way of living, joining the ranks of generations who have kept the fey and mortal realms separate for centuries. Before the first month of their new life is over, they’ll encounter romance, elves, talking cats, ancient secrets, and potentially lethal danger. What could possibly go wrong…”

There truly is not enough hype for good indie authors in the world. Daley Downing did a SPECTACULAR job with her book. She built an incredible world. Not to mention the characters! Why did this book have to end???

My Thoughts:

Whoa talk about a fanciful book! The world of Fey has never before seemed so magical to me. There are Pixies, Elves and even Angels! (sorry teeny tiny spoiler there.) This world that we are transported to is so beautifully detailed that you feel as though it could truly be a part of our reality. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if there really were Pixies dancing in my backyard every night.

Following the characters through this story to the very end, I felt as if I knew them personally. Sophie, Flynn and Cal have an impressive sibling relationship. All close to one another, they act more like best friends. Protective best friends. Specifically Flynn and Sophie when it comes to their love interests. It’s very cute.
Not one of the characters rubbed me the wrong way. All of them were extremely likable. Sophie seemed more like the brains of the outfit, though often times they seemed to brainstorm together. While Flynn seemed a little more comfortable taking action. Cal being the youngest one contributed as best he could.

The parents, Kate and James, were very much involved in this story. They also had a really great relationship. I got the feeling they were a dynamic duo back in their day and still have that reputation today. As you read you can feel how much they love and care for their children. Always worrying about them and hoping for the best out come. Yet they don’t coddle them. Instead they let them figure things out for themselves, though they are always there to help when/if needed.

At the beginning it was a little overwhelming how many characters were introduced at once. I flipped back and forth a couple of times because I forgot who someone was. As the book went on though everything came together and I was sad to see the book come to an end. Let’s just say waiting for the next book is going to be challenging. I can’t wait to find out what happens with the Council, the Order,  Sophie and Flynn. I wonder what new things will be introduced! It feels as though we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg that is a vast world of magical creatures.


Is the sky blue? Do birds fly?? Yes I recommend this! Everyone, everyone should read this. Not just those who like Fantasy. Anyone who enjoys reading about the bond of family, siblings or enjoys whole new worlds would greatly appreciate this.


I gave this a 5 out of 5 stars 🙂 I really can’t wait to read the next book. Pretty positive I’ll read this again before the next one is available to hold me over.


Daley Downing is one of the first bloggers I started following here on WordPress. She’s also one of the very first blogger friends I’ve made. I’m happy to call her a friend 🙂 and SO humbled that she sought me out as a first reader for her book. I loved reading this book. It was such a great adventure to be a part of. I’m only sad I didn’t get a chance to write this review sooner. This book has a special place on my shelf 😉 along side the beautiful gifts that were sent to me. (Except the scarf 🙂 because I’ll be wearing that out. Oh and the lovely necklace.)

Thank you Daley for sending me a copy. I LOVE that it was signed on the inside ❤

Follow Daley and all of her adventures here on WordPress, Goodreads, and even Twitter. Don’t forget you can also get your own copy here on gofundme and you can also make a small contribution.


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    Love the new design, btw!!!

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