What Are You Reading Wednesday

For the past couple of weeks I’ve actually been really struggling to read Caraval. Don’t get me wrong. I do like the story so far. To be completely honest though it is not holding my attention. To it’s credit I don’t believe it’s the books fault. For a long time now my mind has been craving a good contemporary.
So suffice it to say that Caraval has officially been shelved, for now. This week I’ve picked up a few books from the Library (yes, I’m actually utilizing that card I got years back) and I’m also expecting a big box from USPS 😉 Until then, here’s what I just cracked open today and what I’m up to this week………..

What I’m Reading:

Walt Disney
The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler


In anticipation of our upcoming trip to Disney World ❤ I’ve decided to do quite a bit of fun research. Not only have I been a humongous nerd when it comes to everything Disney since infancy, I’ve also been a humongous fan of the man behind the mouse himself. Walt Disney’s legacy is so incredibly inspiring. I can’t tell you how many web pages I’ve read on Walt. Finally I’ve gotten my hands on a really good sized biography. I kept running into 100 paged books thinking they just aren’t in depth enough. I’m looking for a book that can tell me something about Walt that I don’t already know. I want to really know the man who made The Happiest Place On Earth possible.
Well……..I’ve got a whopper compared to those other books. This one sits at a hearty 633 pages. Not including the extra 208 pages of appendix and index at the back. 

What I’m Watching:

Rogue One

I’m halfway through this. I stopped because it was 12 am and my eyes were not having it. This movie so far………mmmm, I’m still waiting for it to get interesting.


Who doesn’t love a good dog movie am I right? Watched this and LOVED it! Loved a little more thanks to Rosko ❤ my new German Shepherd. 

What I’m Listening To:


Every year between October and December I tell myself I’m going to re-watch this movie. Because it’s beautiful, it’s powerful and helloooo it’s a musical.
Every year, I some how never find the time to actually sit down and watch it. It’s been ohhh…………seven years? Give or a take. I LOVED this movie in high school. It was our movie. It epitomized the friendships I had and the way we celebrated life in everything we did. That time is long gone now. Adulthood has comfortably settled in it’s place and life is some how, slower. Exiting but in a way that seems more calm and collected. More mature. Who knows, maybe subconsciously I haven’t felt like strolling down memory lane and I look for excuses not to watch it. 
No matter what time of the year it is though, you can always find me listening and singing along to every word of this musical

What are you up to this week? 😉

EevZbVX Me. Waiting for Bookoutlet…….


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