Popular YA Books I Secretly Don’t Want To Read

Hey guuuys! Long time no blog huh? Just wanted to give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to before I jump into the post.

A couple weeks ago I fostered some lost poodles, very cute and friendly ladies. It made me realize something, I really miss having a dog. Someone to be there when I get home, someone to go on walks with, someone to pet and cuddle. Someone to take care of So after the dogs were gone I decided to go to the shelter and just take a look.

What I saw was of course incredibly heart breaking. So many dogs, all needing someone to take them home and care for them and love them. One dog, with the saddest pair of dark brown eyes caught my attention. Where the other dogs barked at my intrusion he just stared at me, head down right where he way laying. Quiet yet intrigued. (At least that’s what his slight tail wagging told me.)

I did a meet and greet with him, to see if maybe we would be a good fit for each other. He was perfect. Friendly yet timid, trusting but cautious, playful but not overly hyper and he wasn’t a barker. He wasn’t even a jumper! I was in love. For two days I missed him and couldn’t stop picturing his face. So I did what any other person would do……….I went back and adopted him ❤

Today I’m the proud proud owner of a 3 year old very handsome black German Shepherd. He keeps me more than occupied on my days off and when I get home from work. I almost feel as though I’m constantly babysitting. My cat is so independent that she doesn’t need much. Somewhere down the line I obviously got used to that. It’s nice to be needed now. Anyway I’d like you all to meet…………


It’s only been about a week that we’ve had him so he’s still pretty skinny. I’m hoping to see that start to change very soon. Other than that he is a happy camper. With a huge backyard all to himself and two new parents to spoil him how he could he not be? I do feel bad thinking that someone somewhere must have been missing him. The shelter had him for a couple of weeks and said no one came to look for him. They put him on social media and checked for a chip but……nothing. I only wish his previous family, if he even had one, could know that he is being well looked after.

OK! Since it’s been a while I wanted to do something fun. I decided to do my own Top Ten today. Here’a list of some very popular books that I don’t really have an interest in reading. A lot of these books have gotten so much hype, so hopefully no one shames me for this. 

  1. Six of Crows 
    Image result for six of crows series
  2. The Selection Series
    Image result for the selection series
  3. And I Darken
    Image result for and i darken
  4. Illuminae Files
    Image result for illuminae files
  5. My Lady Jane
    Image result for my lady jane

  6. Flawed Series

  7. Lady Midnight (I changed my mind and actually it doesn’t sound that interesting to me)
    Image result for lady midnight
  8. This Savage Song
    Image result for this savage song and our dark duet
  9. The Raven Cycle
    Image result for the raven cycle cover
  10. Divergent Series
    Image result for divergent series


Ah, I can almost feel the collective gasps and sighs. I know I know, how do those not sound interesting??? I don’t know, they just don’t. Not to me.


Sometimes I look up these books and think “eh, I could give it a try.” Except that there are just so many other books I would rather be reading. I love that so many people have enjoyed these. I love reading the reviews. I can get by on just that. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if someone told me all about these books, including spoilers. Because chances are I will never read them.

What about you guys? Are there any popular YA books that you secretly don’t want to read? Maybe there’s a book on this list that you actually really loved and think I should reconsider it. I’m all ears if you want to tell me how good it is 🙂 I might consider giving it a chance. A real chance. 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. daleydowning says:

    Glad to hear about your new furry companion! 🙂

    Some of these are definitely a matter of personal taste – for example, I didn’t like Six of Crows one bit, because it’s too morally ambigious, and I really like characters that I can honestly root for. And I Darken and the Savage Song duology are supposed to be incredibly violent, so if that isn’t your thing, either, I can totally understand skipping. My son really enjoyed Illuminae/Gemina, and I appreciate that it’s different, but I just couldn’t get into it (and believe me I tried).

    Divergent was really confusing, and frustrating to me (and many other people) by the end. Same with The Raven Cycle. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t get into the characters, and the subplots seemed to take over, and I didn’t find them interesting. So I can definitely understand if you’d rather focus on titles that you know have your interest.

  2. bookninja says:

    I agree on a few of them and have so many more to add to this list. There is so much YA in the book world that I miss out on reading Adult books. YA books of all genres keep me occupied all the time, I don’t venture into other genres 😦

    Badly need to change this pattern.

  3. No book is for everyone! I fully support the I Read What I Like Club. 🙂 My TTT

  4. soultogive says:

    Same problem. 😅

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