What Are You Reading Wednesday

Do you ever have those days where it just feels like a really good day? That was me today, right now that’s how I feel. Nothing special happened, nothing out of the ordinary. Work, vet appointment, back to work then home for the night. For some reason today, it was just really really fun. Maybe it’s just because I love my coworkers so much that just seeing them puts a smile on my face, maybe it was all the laughing and joking. Whatever it was, made my day incredible.

On to business! It’s Wednesday 🙂 and that means….it’s time for a new post.

What I’m Reading:

As promised, this week I’m reading,
A Thousand Pieced of You by Claudia Gray


This book is about a teenage girl, Marguerite Caine, who travels to different dimensions chasing her fathers killer. Using the inventions her parents created called the Firebird.
I’m only 8 pages into the book because well life and adulting. Which means that unfortunately I don’t have any kind of opinion formed yet.

What I’m Watching:

Only one of my top most favorite shows ever!
If you’ve never seen this show, shame on you. Why are we even friends?
In this show Fairy tales meet reality and it, is, awesome. All the classics from Snow White to Peter Pan are here. Not to mention modern day tales like Frozen, Brave and Aladdin! Currently I’m on season 5 and oh my gosh I never knew Hades would make an appearance. Love love love this show. Excuse me whilst I swoon….

What I’m Listening To:

Summer Paradise by Simple Plan
Call me nostalgic, but with all this rain and gloom I’m longing for some sunshine. Autumn and Winter will always be my favorite seasons. But I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t hear the beaches calling my name already.

That’s what I’m up to this week guys. What about you? Pick up any new books? Got any hankerings for some sunshine, beach balls and warm sand? Let me know 😉



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