What Are You Reading Wednesday Mix Up/Febuary TBR

That’s right, I’m gonna mix things up just a little bit. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before on here it’s just something I haven’t done in a while. It’s only the first but already I’ve started on my next read.

What I’m Reading:

Currently I’m about halfway through,
The Alienation Of Courtney Hoffman by Bradi G. Stefani

Courtney-Hoffman.jpgSo I’m not going to put the whole blurb here like usual because it feels repetitive when I do the same thing on the reviews. Let me just tell you about it so far.

Courtney is a 15 year old girl who at the age of 5 endures a very traumatic ordeal with her grandfather. He basically tries to kill her because he’s trying to save her from being taken by aliens. Yep that’s right. Aliens.
Now 10 years later Courtney is suffering night terrors and reliving horrible memories. Only now these night terrors are happening when she’s wide awake!
Everyone, including Courtney, think she’s just crazy. Suffering some mental health issue. Is she? Or is she really being visited by aliens and everyone else is wrong?

So far this book has me angry, confused as heck and looking behind my back to make sure there’s no one there. It’s a little creepy! Basically what I’m saying is it’s pretty good so far.

What I’m Watching:

What bookworms have been saying for years.

How come no one told me Season 4 of Sherlock has already started!? There are three episodes out. That’s three episodes I haven’t watched. Ok 2 because I recently watched episode 1. If you haven’t seen it I’m not going to spoil it for you. I will say this though. WHOA! I really didn’t expect blank to blank! And what was Blank thinking talking to that blank? Hmm?! I’m very disappointed.

What I’m Listening To:

Love Triangle by RaeLynn

So here’s a couple of really fun facts about me. First off I’m what you would call a Texafornian. I was born and raised in Texas ❤ but was forced to leave my precious home state due to my step-dad’s job. We moved a couple times but ultimately ended up in California. Where I will probably be for the rest of my life. Going back and forth between here and Texas.
Secondly, I LOVE country music. To me, Country music is home. And I get homesick a lot so I listen to Country every. Single. Day.
Another fact, this one not so fun, I’m a child of divorce. I was born that way. No really, my parents were divorced before I was even born. RaeLynns song was on the radio one day as I was driving home from work and it hit me. She’s absolutely right! Being a child of divorce really IS being part of a love triangle.
Even if you don’t like country, just press that play button anyway. Give it a listen, it doesn’t have all that twang that most Country music haters can’t stand. And no it’s not slow and depressing. It’s surprisingly upbeat.

My February TBR

This year I’m determined to stick with a minimum of 2 books a month. If I get through more than that then hey…….winning!

  1. A Thousand Pieces Of You 
  2. Roseblood
  3. (If I get this far) Caraval 


I’m really hoping that last one comes in February’s OwlCrate box 😉 fingers crossed. Look at those covers!!!! Holy cow they’re gorgeous ❤

That’s all I have for you guys today. What are you reading, watching or listening to this week? 🙂 let me know!
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5 Comments Add yours

  1. I am currently starting Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. I am also working on an anthology, but sadly it is not impressing.

    1. Anthology can be very impressive 🙂 what kind of anthology are you reading?
      Red Sister sounds very action packed. Like it would make one heck of a movie.

      1. I am reading Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling. Parts just feel like they are trying too hard to clever and over complicating stories. We will see. So far Red Sister is awesome! I am hooked 😊

  2. daleydowning says:

    I can definitely understand the idea of kids with divorced/remarried parents feeling like they’re part of a “love triangle.” My oldest doesn’t even remember his biological father, because our parting was so long ago, and White Fang was so little, so he’s only ever known a stepdad. But it doesn’t have to be a bad situation. I really appreciate you opening your heart to us on this subject.

    1. ❤ thank you. Much like your White Fang I too mostly knew only a step-dad. I would spend whole summers with my dad and at times it was hard to go back home because I would miss him. But I agree, those situations are not always bad at all.

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