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Hey guys! Today’s post is very exciting for me.

A blogger friend of mine has been working hard on her own book and is in the midst of publication. She’s very excited to be publishing her book and I’m very excited to have been asked to share this with you. In case none of you have been to her site before here’s the link to The Invisible Moth. She writes some of the best posts I’ve seen. From reviews, to discussions to updates on her children’s lives. Which was definitely one of my favorite things about her site.  I highly recommend reading some of her posts to get a feel for her writing which is magnificent and so easy to follow.
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When Sophie Driscoll’s grandmother dies, her parents take over running the Annex, a warehouse facility that stores magical artifacts and documents proving the existence of faeries. As she and her brothers, Flynn and Cal, adjust to a new house, new friends, and a new way of living, Sophie discovers that one of her friends is protecting a dark and dangerous secret. Now caught between two equally imposing groups who are after the girl’s very blood, Sophie and her family must decide where their loyalty lies — and how to survive the choice they make.


The Driscolls hadn’t always lived in Rylen, Ohio. Kate had grown up here, but when she was 18, she went to England to study abroad (just as her big sister had), and she met a very nice young man called James, and the short version was that they stayed in southeast Britain for several years, getting married and having babies there.

          When Sophie was around 7 years old, her family moved from Brighton  back to Rylen. They moved into the last unoccupied property in Merchantile Manor, so called after the butchers and bakers and candlestick makers that used to run their businesses in that end of town. James was a history teacher for the local schools. Kate worked from home and taught the kids until they decided they wanted to go to public school like all the other kids in their ballet/music/swimming lessons.

          But that was becoming more and more challenging. The fact that they weren’t like other kids, that their family was different, was growing more prevalent in their minds. No matter how much they wanted this not to be true, or to go away.

          Gramie Sheridan’s passing meant they couldn’t ignore it anymore. Her death had set their destiny into motion.

A self-professed YA fantasy addict and proud of it, Daley Downing blogs at The Invisible Moth about her writing, her kids, and her love of dance, music, movies, and reading.  

This book sounds really good, like it’s going to be packed with mystery and adventure. I really can’t wait to read this. Already I want to know Gramie Sheridan is and why are the children so different from regular children? What’s going to happen when they go to public school?


For those just as eager to get your hands on a copy here’s one way that might help…..

You can visit the GoFundMe campaign for Daley Downing. Anyone who makes a donation of any amount can pre-order the finished novel, and will receive a signed copy, with free gifts, at no further cost. And who doesn’t love free gifts 😉

Top Ten Tuesday

Hey there guys, ugh today was not as great as it probably could have been. For some reason my scalp felt incredibly soar all day and gave me a splitting head ache. While I was working, so that was fun. All was not lost though. We did go out for curry tonight which was delicious and I get to relax next to the Christmas tree ❤ while writing this post.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s post is  “Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016.”

  1. Rainbow Rowell
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    FanGirl has been the only book by Rainbow Rowell that I have ever read and I gotta say, I wasn’t really impressed.
  2. Liz Braswell
    A Whole New World ( A Twisted Tale) was the first book I read by her and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to pick up more Twisted Tale books.
  3. Sarah J. Maas *
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    ACOTAR, I LOVED this book. Still haven’t read ACOMAF yet. Not sure I’m going to get to it this year but maybe it will be part of my Book New Years Resolution 😉
  4. Cassandra Clare
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    The Mortal Instruments, for all it’s hype, didn’t impress me at all. BUT, there is something about Clare’s writing that kind of made me want to read more. However I’m really not impressed with the story line. Shadow Hunters seems to be all she writes about so that kind of sucks when you’re interested in her writing, but not her story.
  5. Erin Morgenstern *
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    The Night Circus ❤ this boooooook!!!!! Everything, EVERYTHING about this book was exquisite. NC is the only thing she’s written so far. I heard rumor that she’s working on another book, fingers crossed!
  6. Markus Zusak
    The Book Thief, sooo many emotions. His writing got me right in the feels.
  7. Victoria Aveyard
    While I absolutely love her writing, her Red Queen series seems to be a bit of a knock of The Lunar Chronicles. Maybe that’s just me! Maybe it was because I read this right after reading Winter, I don’t know. They just seem so similar.
  8. Gayle Forman
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    If I Stay and it’s sequal Where She Went were two of the most inspiring books I read this year.
  9. Stephanie Perkins *
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    Etienne! ❤ This was one of my favorite contemporaries of this year and I just recently got a copy of the next book. I’m pretty excited to read it.
  10. Zoraida Cordova *
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    Labyrinth Lost was hands down a favorite read. I’m seriously extremely happy that I got to read an ARC of her book.

Well guys, these are the authors that I was introduced to this year. For the most part I really enjoyed a lot of their books and plan to continue reading from them. Especially the ones I put little asterisks next to 😉
Welp, my hand is freezing from being on the mouse looking for photos, turning in for the night. Good night guys ❤