Top Ten Tuesday

Woo! It’s time for another TTT post 🙂 yesss. This weeks meme is a really good one.
Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc.

  1. Etienne – Anna and the French Kiss
    Child. This name is just different enough that it’s cute, but also it doesn’t feel like I would be condeming a child to embarrasment for the rest of his life
  2. Wren – FanGirl
    Ok I know in my review I said I didn’t much care for her character, well I still stand by that. The name is really cute though. I could see myself giving this name to a cat/dog.
  3. Hermione – Harry Potter Series

    This is an easy one! Girl, naming a girl after this childhood heroine.
  4. Elena- Vampire Diaries
    Mostly I had in mind the Elena Gilbert of the TV show. I have a secret girl crush on Nina Dobrev. She’s so pretty and does a great job of playing Elena. So, I’d probably name a girl after this.
  5. Thorne – The Lunar Chronicles
    Pet for sure. And with my luch the dog or cat that receives this name will be just a much of a pain in the butt as the real Thorne.
  6. Rudy – The Book Thief
    _MG_6517April 02, 2013.cr2

    The boy with hair the color of lemons ❤ yes, I would definitely name a little boy after him. I would love him with all my heart just for the name alone!
  7. Prim – Hunger Games
    She’s the sweetest girl ever! I would be happy to name a child after her. She always put others before herself and I never saw her throw a tantrum. Katniss leaving doesn’t count.

    Ok so these next three are not from books, well that I know of, they are from movies/TV shows. I couldn’t think of other names from books.

  8. Uhtred – The Last Kingdom
    Pronounced Ooo-trid. For the most part Uhtred is kind of an idiot with a big mouth. That name though! Just say it out loud a few times and you’ll see what I mean. It’s incredibly different and I have honestly never heard of it before this show. Apparently it was very common amongst Anglo Saxons. Who knew? Oh, child by the way.
  9. Sophie – Letters To Juliet

    So I actually more prefer the name Sofia, spelled with an F. Because you can still shorten it and come up with Sofie. This is the movie where I got the motivation from. For all you ladies out there, and gentlemen in touch with your feminine side, if you haven’t seen this movie…… it. It’s really good. I love the spontaneous adventure that Sophie takes while she’s in Italy.
    Little girl ❤ in all honestly I’ve already planned on naming my first daughter either Sofia 🙂 or….
  10. Emma – Once Upon A Time
    Maybe it’s because my own name starts with an E, maybe it’s because Emma Swan is a total badass. Her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming for goodness sake! Her boy friend is Captain Hook!!! Ya, definitely worth naming a little girl after.

Those are the names I would choose. What would you guys choose? Someone from a TV shows, favorite Movie or Book? 🙂 let me know ❤



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  1. daleydowning says:

    A lot of the names I chose for my fictional characters are names we discussed for kids and didn’t use. 🙂

  2. I would love to name my daughter Arabella, it is not from a book, not from a movie or TV series either. It is from the song Arabella by Arctic monkeys. Have you listened to this song? No, then please listen and tell me how it is. And if you like the name Arabella.

    1. Of course I would love to check it out! Sometimes songs have really good names in them. Arabella sounds very very pretty 🙂 good choice.

      1. Thanks, dear! Yes, music is a new escape from the terrible reality of the world.

  3. Chantal says:

    I love the name Etienne. It’s cute! I also like Thorne and Wren. My TTT

    1. Thanks for sharing your post 🙂 you’ve got some great names on there! Darrow, ya definitely a good choice.

  4. Maitreyi says:

    Wow! I actually agree with wuite a bit of this.

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