What Are You Reading Wednesday

Ok now that I’ve put up my Tuesday (on Wednesday) it’s time for my WAYRW 🙂

This week I’m still reading A Whole New World A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell.

So far it’s…..ok? It isn’t bad. It feels as though I’m reading the Disney movie script. Even the dialogue is practically verbatim. Because of this I’m actually reading it very slowly. It’s a liiiittle bit discouraging. If I wanted to watch the movie I would. Hopefully things start turning around very soon and I get to see the story begin to “twist.”

Image result for facepalm gif

This far into the book there are only minor things that are different. Mmm, ok so a small itsy bitsy spoiler: Aladdin got stuck in the Cave of Wonders just as he did in the movie except Abu did not sneak the lamp away from Jafar. They were stuck in the cave without Genie.
That’s not that much of a spoiler since the blurb itself reveals that Jafar gets to Genie first. I guess what I’m trying to say is that half way through this book I would expect it to have changed by now.

So that’s just a small update on what I’m still reading this week and how it’s going. Slowly. I still have hope though.
I hope each of you are enjoying your current reads 🙂


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