Discover Your Patronus

Hey guys!
It’s been a while since I did a pretty fun post and while I was at work today (it was slow don’t judge me) I decided to visit Pottermore! Little did I know, you can now take a short quiz to discover what your Patonus would be! 🙂 how exciting is that!?

I always figured mine would be something big and fierce. I’m a very small lady so I would obviously need something twice my size to protect me right? I love wild cats, horses, falcons and wolves. Then I thought “Well my bestest friend ever is a lazy house cat so……” Either way I took a chance on a test that can only be taken once. Yes you read that right. One time only……unless of course you make another account. But that’s way too  much work.

The quiz is timed. It specifically instructs you not to think, but to feel. (Which only made me nervous) There are about 6 questions I want to say. I didn’t actually count. Most of the questions have three choices, the others have only two. At the end of the quiz you are asked to drag your mouse across the screen and then release the button. Your Patronus is then revealed!

“So are you gonna tell us?” Yes yes of course I will! My Patronus was……..


A Polecat ❤
I actually had to look that up because I had never heard of a Polecat before. I thought it was made up for Pottermore. Google of course taught me otherwise. To clarify, it’s like a ferret.
Polecat- a weasel-like Eurasian mammal (genus Mustela, family Mustelidae ) with mainly dark brown fur and a darker mask across the eyes, noted for ejecting a fetid fluid when threatened.

“Ejecting a fetid fluid? Gross.” I said to myself. Then of course I had to know what it looked like, I mean this creature is gong to protect me from Dementors! It’s going to be my guardian of light! I can’t not know what it looks like.
Ladies and Gentelmen, the Polecat…..

Image result for polecat

Image result for polecat

So needless to say I’m obviously in love and very VERY proud that my Patronus is a Polecat ❤ Of course now I also want one for real.
If you haven’t yet head on over to Pottermore to take your quiz! What are you waiting for!? Let’s swap Patronus stories and swoon over them together!!! 😉 Or for those of you who have already discovered your guardian of light, what did you get?
Click here to be taken directly to it if like me you just couldn’t wait.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to do more research and get acquainted with my new little friend ❤


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel McKee says:

    So cool! I knew a very charming pole cat named Rainier.

  2. That’s so cool!!! I got a red squirrel as my Patronus

  3. Aww cute! It’s like a ferret cross a skunk(Ejecting a fetid fluid) lol.
    I got a wolf!!!

  4. So adorable (and dangerous, with that fetid spray thing!) You gotta love Pottermore’s extensive list of available animals.
    Mine is a Granian Winged Horse, which of course only exists in the HP world. It’s pretty cool 🙂

    1. I’ve been checking to see what animals you can be paired up with. It’s really neat.
      Wow a winged horse???? Well I wouldn’t want to go up against your Patrons hah!

  5. Woow that’s so cute! Even I didn’t know there was actually a creature called polecat. Wish you all the best against dementors.

  6. Woow that’s so cute! Even I didn’t know there was actually a creature called polecat. Wish you all the best against dementors.

    1. Yes I thought it was completely made up! Thank you 🙂 Dementors don’t stand a chance against that cutness.

  7. Mei-Mei says:

    Mine is a black stallion? That doesn’t seem like me at all haha

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