Top Ten Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone:)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they post a new Top Ten list that everyone is welcome to join. Also, it says top 10 but there’s plenty of leeway for those (like me) who have trouble hitting this number sometimes.
This week is Top Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card 🙂 every bookworms dream.

Ohhh if I had a fully loaded gift card, I would need a new book shelf entirely. Seriously though did anyone know that Meg Cabot wrote another Mediator book??? It’s been out since February! I’m still freaking out about that guys.
That’s my list 🙂 what book would YOU buy? Let me know in the comments down below and share a link to your own TTT post so I can pay you a visit 😉


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  1. I have so much want and need for a bookshelf as I don’t currently have any real storage unit but I fear moving soon and having to slave through taking apart more furniture haha (I am just very lazy). But that’s definitely a great idea if you weren’t hauling books!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

    1. Oh good point. If I ever move from my current house I’m gonna have a heck of a time with all the books I have and two shelves already! I’m like you, a lazy daisy haha!
      Thanks for sharing your link! Can’t wait to check it out!

  2. I was such a big fan of Meg Cabot and her Mediator series when I was younger! Had no idea she had another book out… Guess I need to check it out 🙂

    1. Same here 🙂 all through High School I loved these books. I can’t wait to get the new one!

  3. daleydowning says:

    Definitely the trio of Jackaby books by William Ritter…I’ve read 1 and 2, and the third comes out in about 2 weeks! (waiting is for the birds!)

    1. I haven’t heard of that series 🙂 I’m definitely gonna check it out. Ah the struggle of waiting for a book in a series to come out!

      1. daleydowning says:

        No one’s heard of it, and it’s ridiculous – it’s much better than a lot of the other fantasy series out right now (in my opinion), and for some reason no one’s promoting it. The author offers some unique combinations in genre/style, so it really has something for everyone.

      2. I completely understand! I feel the same way anytime I read an amazing series and no one is even talking about it 😦
        I’m definitely going to have to look into those books now 🙂 plus I love trilogies. Maybe we can build a hype together. Fingers crossed.

      3. daleydowning says:

        Yeah, after I manage to get my hands on all 3, I’ll be posting a review for the series so far!

      4. Great! I can’t wait to read them 🙂 how many do you have so far? Does that mean you haven’t read them all yet?

      5. daleydowning says:

        Well, the author only started being published a couple of years ago… So the first and second have only been out for a bit… The third is due for release somewhere around August 20th (sob!)

        I’ve read the first and second (got them from the library), but I fully intend to pre-order the 3rd as soon as I can…

      6. That’s just around the corner! Literally 16 days away. Woo hoo! That means you’ll have to get the first to so you can have the set 😉
        You’re so lucky 😦 my library doesn’t have ANY good books. I really don’t know why I have a card. It’s all non fiction which can be good but it’s not really my taste.

      7. daleydowning says:

        Our library used to be tiny – half a dozen shelves of fiction (mostly mysteries and romance), the same for children’s, about nothing in YA, and about one shelf of non-fiction (mostly biographies). Our director was trying to get a grant to expand library services, and in storage for the Historical Society, she found a letter written by ABRAHAM LINCOLN. No joke! She sold it at auction in NYC for 1.5 million! Thanks to that, we now have a computer section, audio books, a great YA selection, tons of DVDs, large print, magazines, etc. etc.

        There are a lot of book bloggers that say their local library is woefully inadequate. I was thinking the other day about trying to start a book exchange among bloggers to compensate for that!

      8. OH MAN!!!!! That’s amazing! He’s one of my absolute favorite Presidents. Along with all the Founding Fathers. I’m a HUGE American History Buff.
        Wow Lincoln literally saved your Library. If something that amazing happened and I was able to see I think I would cry haha!
        I actually never thought about checking my local Library for audio books, huh?
        That’s an amazing idea. Have you heard of Paperbackswap? I found it a few years ago, it’s basically exactly what you mentioned. You swap used books with other book worms and only pay for the shipping when you send one to another person 🙂 it’s really awesome. The shipping is only like 4 bucks.
        Something like that would totally pick up in the blogging community 🙂

      9. daleydowning says:

        I haven’t heard of Paperbackswap, but it’s that kind of thing I was thinking of. As much as I love the library, sometimes they just won’t have access to selections that you want. Especially self-published titles. The blogisphere is full of self-published authors who could use more avenues to promote and distribute.

      10. I agree, there are so many self-published books floating around here.
        Well if you get a chance check out Paperbackswap 🙂 it’s a great place for some ideas on how to go about it. I haven’t used it in a while but I really like the site.

      11. daleydowning says:

        Maybe we book bloggers who are also aspiring authors/know aspiring authors should start pushing that more on our sites. 🙂

      12. 🙂 that’s a great idea!! I actually do know an aspiring author who’s blog I love visiting. I should totally promote her! 🙂

  4. Abby Raz says:

    Hi Elizabeth! Saw your blog on the bloggers commenting back list and I’ve read several of your posts here. I love this post the most and I would love to join this meme. Thank you for letting me know about it. Will check out The Broke and The Bookish soon. Btw, I love your blog! It’s pretty cool ❤

    1. Hi Abby! Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂 I’m really glad you loved this post. Top Ten Tuesday’s are my favorite posts. I’m so glad I started doing this meme. It always give me a reason to post something and they are always so much fun. I hope you will begin doing it too 🙂 it’s a very cool site.
      I can’t wait to check out your blog! 🙂

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