What Are You Reading Wednesday!

Happy Thursday books worms! 🙂 I started this post yesterday but got pulled away before I could post it.
It’s been a full week and honestly I haven’t made much of a dent in Fairest. “But it’s a short book.” I know I know. For shame! Give me a little break though guys. I’m having a hard time saying good-bye to The Lunar Chronicles series. For me this series is right up there with Harry Potter! I fell in L. O. V. E. here folks. I’ve only got two more books to read and then that’s it! Done……finished……..THE END! Ugh, sad.

What I did finally crack open on Monday was City of Ashes. I’m both reading the physical book and listening to the audio book whenever I’m not home. (breaks and lunches at work) A little while ago I spoke with another blogger about my skepticism of continuing this series. She advised that it gets better after the second book. So far it’s definitely better than the first. But can I just say, what’s with all the incest!?!?!? That alone is definitely setting this apart from most YA books.

So guys that’s what I’m reading this week 🙂 what about you?


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  1. I love that book so much!!!!!

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