Starting Out With the Limbo Bar on the Bottom

It took quite some time before I finally decided what purpose this blog was going to serve. I tried writing about advice, my life, even a photography blog. While all of these ideas were fun and sometimes easy to do, I had no real motivation to carry it on. After about 3 posts I would abandon the effort.
Now? Now I know what I want to do with this blog. Reading is the biggest passion that I have. It’s the passion that has stuck by my side since I learned that the alphabet can be create words, and that those words can create some of the most enthralling stories anyone could ever tell.
Book Reviews, TBR’s, Current Reads, Book Suggestions, Book quotes, books books books! That’s what I want to do with this little space of internet that WordPress has gifted me. Tell the world about the books that I’m reading and how they made me feel.
The idea behind this post is to set three goals we would like to see our blogs achieve, I set four…..

  • Post at least two book reviews every month.
  • Establish “What Are You Reading Wednesday’s” as a real weekly feature. Even if I end up posting the same book twice, at least I’ll be building this habit. Which will get me used to posting every week. I can always go back and delete it later or combine the lists. That’s what editing is for.
  • Dedicate one day out of the week to visiting my followers’ blogs. Reading and commenting on their latest posts, or even older posts! I would love to take that time to explore what everyone’s blogs are really about. Everyone has something different to say, and so many ways to say it. What better way to show my appreciation to my followers than contributing to feedback?
  • Gain 20% more followers within six months. Which will thereby increase traffic as well.

Little but attainable goals. Sometimes it’s better not to set the bar too high so as not to overwhelm yourself. I’ve definitely learned that the hard way with all the impossibly unrealistic goals I set for myself. What made them unrealistic wasn’t the goal itself but the timeline in which I wanted to achieve them (i.e. learn a new language in 3 weeks!).
Ultimately I would just be happy with reaching other book worms like me 🙂


6 Comments Add yours

  1. SM says:

    I don’t think I read as much as you do, but reading I do. I like your blogging goals as per this post, and your other posts (I read the titles only). 😀 Looking forward to your future articles.

    1. itsmisselizabeth says:

      Haha! Well thank you for taking the time to read even the titles 🙂 I’ll definitely be checking out your blog as well.

  2. ngjaneee616 says:

    i love reading too haha i’ll check out your recommendations for sure =]

    1. itsmisselizabeth says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I’d love to know what you think and what kind of books you’re into.

  3. bf62183703 says:

    Good luck with your blog. Your headline attracted me, I love it! Writing is not a visual art as is painting, but as your words expressed, words can evoke a visual mental picture. Once in a while I may create such a mental picture, most of the time, I think that I evoke humor. Anyway, I also enjoy reading.

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