What Are You Reading Wednesday!

Another week, another Wednesday, another short list of what I’m currently reading!
I hope you’ll forgive me guys. I know it’s been an entire month since my last post. There were quite a few things going on, none of them planned. I was very unfortunate as to lose a great friend of mine…….on the day of my anniversary! I got the horrible news as my boyfriend and I were heading out on the trip we had been so excited to plan. Being already paid for there was no way I could cancel and I certainly couldn’t do that to my boyfriend. It was a very bitter sweet experience. While I’ve dealt with the loss of a friend before, it was very hard and still is. There were definitely times where I wanted to write a post just to get my mind off of things but I felt very little to no motivation.
However! On the way to the funeral I did manage to wrap up the book I was reading, as it was a four hour drive! I also started on a new one. So without further ado, here’s how it went down in the book world for me.

Last week I finished Red Queen by Victoria AveyardAveyard-01-700x394

I’m hoping to get a review of this book out very soon. Loved it! Really can not wait to get into the second book. Sadly I do have to wait til next pay day to get it, hehe!

For this month I’m hoping to read at least two books, as I feel I have catching up to do. Currently I’m reading This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.  this-is-where-it-ends-marieke-nijkamp-feature

This book is about a school shooting. A very gruesome topic for all of us who remember Columbine. Which also means it’s very gripping. I’m only about 70 pages in and already my heart is pounding in both fear and anticipation for what will happen next. This is surely going to be a fantastic read.

Also planned for this month is a book I’ve started reading twice and that is Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor. 51OrXJO0WuL.jpgThe second book in The Looking Glass Wars. This is a series I started back in high school and never got around to finishing. If you’ve never heard of this series I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially for those of you who enjoy fairy tale retellings. Instead of Snow White or Cinderella though this series is about Alice and, you guessed it, Wonderland!
If you’re interested check out the first book, you’ll love it.

Well that’s about all I’ve got for you guys right now. I’m very excited to read these books. I hope you enjoyed my post! Keep and eye out for that review coming up. I’ll tell you, it sure does feel good to be posting again 🙂




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