2016 Reading Challenge


         With March just around……….actually tomorrow is March! So, heading into March I thought it was high time I posted my 2016 challenge. This year I wanted to make the challenge a little bit more realistic. Last year I was shooting for the stars and didn’t even get close. One book a month just feels a lot less intimidating than a book a week. Reading is supposed to be fun and relaxing after all. It’s called Leisurely Reading for a reason. This way I can also add more to the list if I need to.
Already I’ve read three books and that technically puts me ahead! In January I read Winter by Marissa Meyer. February brought me a tearful and heart wrenching If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Of course after reading I HAD to pick up its sequel. I’ve been playing around with the idea of writing a review on these two books. I’ve never done a book review before so it may not pop up here for a while.
There hasn’t been a book that’s jumped out at me for March yet. I’ve picked up a few books but put them back down. None of them have taken hold of me and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Any suggestions? Recommendations are always always appreciated.

What are some of you reading this year? Do you have any reading challenges? I’d love to hear any kind of feedback. It’s nice to see what others are reading out there.

2016 reading challenge

There is one more that I recently added to this list.

  • A book that scares you (Paranormal, Horror)

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