What Raises In The East, And Sets In The West?


There’s nothing quite like making new friends from across the world. Last year I met my best friend, a Japanese exchange student. During the year two of her best friends from back home came to visit her and were really eager to meet me. I was so nervous, even though they were younger than me I wanted to make a really good impression on them. I had been learning Japanese from my friend and taking a course in Japanese language.
I only spent a couple of days with these girls but I had a blast. They were actually impressed with my Japanese and I made two great new friends. Despite the language barrier, we connected in ways that didn’t always need words.

It was an experience I truly hope to encounter again. Now learning Japanese has become a passionate hobby of mine, in fact I would love nothing more than to pursue it as a carrier!

Tell Me A Story Only I Can Understand

Writing means more than putting pretty words on a page. The act of writing is to share a part of your soul with the world.

What is solitude anyway?
As the sound of Yiruma’s fingers glide across a piano that must surely be made of magic drifts through my ears, and as the cool autumn breeze softly strokes my cheeks while simultaneously  brushing my hair behind my shoulders…….I am in a state of awe and inspiration. Suddenly I want to do anything and everything, and I want to do it while I put my entire being into it. Anything that is worth doing is surely worth doing with a passion. Solitude, creates inspiration, and inspiration creates passion.

Come Fly With Me


San Francisco International Airport, California

Bliss, is the euphoria that courses through your body and soul when you love what you do and do what you love.
Bliss is so vast, boundless, and immeasurable that it encompasses every possible word or definition ever invented — and then some.