Wayward Witch – Book Review

When I first got this book I received it as an ARC. In fact all three of these books I received as ARC’s. Since these all came to me as e-arc’s I don’t own any physical copies but I need them! These will probably be my Christmas gift to myself.
I prolonged finishing this as long as I could because I didn’t want this to end, and by the time I was actually done the book was released! Let’s dive into the review because I have things to say!

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The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Hey guys! Way back in two thousand something (forgot what year exactly) I was nominated for this award by Sophie @Blame Chocolate. Sadly she has since taken a hiatus. Something I truly hope she is enjoying as we all know the pressures that can sometimes come with blogging and social media. When my blog was first started her’s was one of the original blogs I started following on here. You can still check out her blog. She has reviews, tags and more still up for your browsing leisure. In case you do decide to come back from hiatus, thank you Sophie! (Seriously one of my favorite girl names)

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What Are You Reading Wednesday

Hi guys!!! ❤ it’s been a solid six days since I’ve blogged and you know what, it feels longer. You know that feeling when you keep meaning to call a family member, but darn it all if time didn’t just run away from you again!? It was that feeling. Also I have missed writing and reading posts.

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What Are You Reading Wednesday

Good morning!!! Ahhh does anyone else feel Fall around the corner? No?? Me either! It’s still pretty hot and if it’s anything like last year it will stay this way well into October 😭 Did that stop me form having two cups of Hot Chocolate last night while reading? Heck no!

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Goobye August, Hello September!

Basically, I turned around and now it’s September. Can you believe that!? In a way it’s like, “Oh no! The year is going by so fast!!!” On the other hand I think we can all agree with, “Thank GOD 2020 is coming to an end! Let’s never speak of this year again.”

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Brothers Keeper – Blog Tour

Hey guys! Happy Monday ❤ In lieu of my usual Monday post, I’m happy to share with you my review for this book. It’s been a little while since I decided to take part in a tour and I’m really excited to be a part of this one! So here is my stop for the BROTHER’S KEEPER by Julie Lee Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. As always, don’t forget there is a giveaway at the end. Make sure to follow the link!

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What Are You Reading Wednesday

Hey guys! Good Morning!
It’s only Wednesday but it feels like Monday. We just had a couple of days off. Most of last week was spent trying to figure out Bookstagram. It’s not hard I know I know. It’s very time consuming though. Trying to find a schedule and take a lot of pictures in a single day (or even a couple days) so I can keep posting has proven to be a little challenging. I can’t help but wonder how you all do it! How do you all balance regular life and social media so well!? I must know these secrets.

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